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1. What is The GANDUM Wholesome Meal Replacement?

The GANDUM Wholesome Meal Replacement is a Rich and Savory soup with full spectrum of vitamins and minerals that is suitable to substitute any of your meals, snack in between meals or even as supper. Which means it can be taken any time of the day and gives you the energy and nutrition to meet your daily needs.

2. Does taking The GANDUM Wholesome Meal Replacement makes you full?

Yes, of course! One serving of The Gandum provides around 180 kcal per serving, which is sufficient to last up to 6 hours. It is made from variety of grains as the base and provides lower calories with complete nutrition that can make you feel full for a longer period of time.

3. Is The GANDUM Wholesome Meal Replacement suitable for vegetarian?

Yes, our The GANDUM is vegetarian friendly and does not contain any animal products.

4. What is the main difference between Savoury Mushroom and Creamy Pumpkin?

Savoury Mushroom - Added with Mushroom Guard™ which is a patented ingredient containing beta-glucan. 

Mushroom Guard™  is a proprietary blend from 6 types of mushrooms (Shitake, Enokitake, Maitake, White Fungus, Hericium erinaceus, Aspergillus brasiliensis) with a standardized composition of 45% polysaccharides and 35% beta-glucan. 

Beta-glucan acts as immune modulator that helps in strengthening your immune system.

Creamy Pumpkin - Pumpkin is rich in nutrients with a low calories profile, which makes it one of the best food for weight management. Pumpkin has a low glycemic index that provides your a longer energy supply throughout the day, They release energy slowly over a period of time, helping to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Added with L-Carnitine to help the body to turn fat into energy and L-Arginine to help with blood circulation.

5. Who can benefit from taking The GANDUM Wholesome Meal Replacement?

Everyone! Especially for:

- People on weight management

- Regular grain product consumers

- People who always on-the-go and need a quick meal

6. Is The GANDUM Wholesome Meal Replacement gluten free?

No it is not gluten free. Do not consume this product if you have known allergies to soy protein, gluten, grains, maize and wheat.

7. How soon can I see the results if I take this as a meal replacement to manage my weight?

Individual results may vary, depending on diet and lifestyle. 

We recommend to replace any one of your main meal with The GANDUM Wholesome Meal Replacement, and incorporate with healthy eating and exercise to achieve your ideal weight.

8. Are The Gandum Halal Certified?

Yes, The Gandum is recognized Halal Certified by JAKIM Malaysia.

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