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1. Are all Genesis products certified HALAL?

Yes, all Genesis products are certified HALAL by JAKIM.

2. Who is the manufacturer for Genesis products?

Our products are manufactured by Nutri Action Sdn. Bhd., who has a long history of being a manufacturer for supplementary and functional food products. 

3. Why does Genesis products does not have MAL numbers?

Genesis products are fall under the category of food. According to National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), products label as food do not need to be registered in the market. 

Food - as defined under the Food Act 1983 and Food Regulations 1985, includes every article manufactured, sold or represented for use as food or drink for human consumption or which enters into or is used in the composition, preparation, preservation, of any food or drink and includes confectionery, chewing substances and any ingredient of such food, drink, confectionery or chewing substances. This includes food for special dietary use for persons with a specific disease, disorder or medical condition, and food which contain quantities of added nutrients allowable under the Food Act and Regulations. 

4. Other than purchase from online, where can I find Genesis products?

Genesis products is widely distributed across Malaysia. Check out our retailers here and called up the store to check for stock availability. 

5. How much is the shipping fees?

Currently we are providing free shipping for all orders. This is exclusively to our Malaysia customers only. For overseas customers who are interested in our products, please contact us at to find out more.

6. Who can I contact if I need refund for my purchase? 

Refund and return is available for purchases on this website, please refer to our refund & return policy here. We will get back to you soon after we received your request for refund. 

For more information on our products, please drop us a message

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